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The Global Effectiveness Assessment determines the capacity of an organizationís leadership and management styles to compete internationally, and what and how to optimize for success globally. Through methodical and targeted interviews with key leaders, it determines how inspirational and influential a leadership team is or is likely to be across global cultural and linguistic frontiers.
Around the Corner, Across the Region, or Around the Globe
Working with business owners, C-suite and board of directors, Globalization Assessments are for clients who wish to be better prepared for multinational expansion through organic growth, offshore manufacturing, or through prospective mergers or acquisitions. Poor cultural adjustments are never an excuse for under performance.

A leadership teamís global savvy helps organizations determine their unique abilities to leverage their universal values while making appropriate cultural adaptations. We help to establish expectations for operating at multiple speeds and employing multiple solution sets.

The key components of Globalization include:

-- Identify and define local, regional, global expectations

-- Conduct individual and team effectiveness interviews

-- Define and investigate "formal" corporate global directives

-- Global Effectiveness summary report which offers qualitative and quantitative results