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Due Diligence

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Due Diligence
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Preparing for Growth

During this process, AAIL works with the senior executives, leadership teams and board of directors to prepare and deliver the companyís Due Diligence Binder. This presents an in-depth look at an organizationís components from staff and operations to its products and services. The documentation prepares it for any major capital funding round, sale, merger, acquisition or initial public offering.
A Comprehensive End-to-End Investigation
AAIL works with strategic partners, accounting and legal entities to offer a greater return on your investment (ROI). This binder covers every aspect of the business; starting with its inception and brings all documentation up to date. By examining every component of an organizationís life, gaps are discovered. AAIL examines the organization to support growth and inspire business evolution.

The key components of a Due Diligence Binder include every document covering each aspects of:

-- Corporate Organization

-- Operations

-- Financial Review

-- Compliance
-- Human Resources

-- Sales & Marketing

-- Intellectual Property