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Buisness Readiness
Business Readiness: For organizations undergoing change, a multi-faceted review of business preparedness compares a client’s specific goals and values to its operations and leadership team. The evaluation helps prepare clients for outside capital investment, expansion of a business category, manufacturing shift, or geographic change.

Business Effectiveness: For organizations seeking to benchmark their business investments, identifying new opportunities, expansions, strategic alliances, or succession planning. This competitiveness check-up of organizational objectives and executive capabilities identifies core competencies, gaps and offers recommendations for effective and efficient solutions.

Talent Management: For organizations wishing to evaluate their executives, these services benchmark core competencies against company values and goals. This process applies proven assessment methodologies to measure, assess and map leadership teams. It examines the organization and its executives to determine their combined ability to deliver on target.

Due Diligence: For clients needing a comprehensive business investigation to prepare for capital investment evaluations, mergers, acquisitions, or pre-market offerings. This covers its people, compliance, finances, technology, intellectual property, products, services, markets, and channels.


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Globalization has changed the world. Business and clients are now seeking pin-pointed support. AAIL Business Assessment Services help clients who require an analytical baseline and strategic roadmap for long-term success. Our services help identify client organizational and operational deficits and focus on business values critical to growth.
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