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The Strength of the Word Beyond Print and the Internet

Chief Editor Contracts:
   Wireless International, ACE Media, Taiwan 1996-2000
   Components International Electronic Components CATALOGS), ACE Media, Taiwan 1991-2000
   Audio Video CATALOGS, ACE Media, Taiwan 1995-1996
   Photo Imaging Products Yearbook, ACE Media, Taiwan 1991-2000
   Giftware Magazine & Household Magazine, International Business News Co. Ltd., Taiwan 1997
   Wireless Products Yearbook, Phillips Publishing, USA & ACE Media, Taiwan 1996

Managing Editor Contracts:
   Computer Products SUPPLIERS, Taipei Computer Association, Taiwan 1991-1994
   SITO Review, Southeast Asia Information Technology Organization, Taiwan 1991-1992

Contributing Editor Contracts:
   Electronics Components News, Business International News Group, China 1997-1998
   Asia Cable & Satellite World Magazine, Cornerstone Assoc. Ltd., Hong Kong 1997
   Mobile Products Asia, Phillips Publishing, USA & ACE Media, Taiwan 1995-1996

Syndicated Journalist and Editorial Services
Chocolate Fortunes: The Battle for the Hearts, Minds and Wallets of China’s Consumers, a China business book that chronicles the quarter-century battle between the world’s chocolate companies for the hearts, minds and taste buds of China’s emerging consumers.
Non-Fiction Book by Lawrence L. Allen
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